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SLG: Better Comics Through Superior Firepower

SLG Publishing News

[INACTIVE] SLG Publishing
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This Livejournal account is defunct. For all future SLG Publishing news please refer to,



This is a journal for news from SLG Publishing, a comic book publisher based in San Jose, California. You'll find the latest news shorts, press releases, and other news-and-hype-worthy information about our comics here. You can also check out the journals of SLG creators and staff on the friends page.

Posting Guidelines and Draconian Censorship Warnings

Please feel free to post comments and start up discussions, but we ask you to remain on topic. If you have queries about topics not related to one of our news posts, please see the SLG FAQ. If you don't find your answer there, you may contact SLG's editor-in-chief Jennifer de Guzman through the email address listed on this page. If you repeatedly post off-topic comments we may remove your posts and/or ban you from commenting. We value comments and discussion, but not personal attacks or trolling. If we think you are causing a disruption or contributing in a detrimental way, we may remove your posts and/or ban you from commenting.

We also tremendously value people who can display a basic knowledge of spelling and grammar. Remember, all of your comments go to SLG's e-i-c Jennifer, and she is kind of twitchy when it comes to the English language. While perfection is by no means necessary, if Jennifer deems that your net-speak and cryptic grammar render your comments nonsensical, she may very well decide to delete your comments and/or ban you from commenting.

We value our artists as well, but we actively encourage you not to act as if you worship any of them like gods. Everyone is pretty much bored with that routine. If you had created something you were proud of, wouldn't you much rather people comment insightfully on your work than slaver on your boots? (That may seem to be a rhetorical question, but the correct answer is "Yes.") You know those warnings about having your comments deleted or being banned from posting? Yep, that applies here, too.

Everyone at SLG thanks you for complying with the guidelines of posting comments to this journal.

All of the images posted on the journal are © and ™ to their respective creators, all rights reserved, and may not be reproduced without permission, except for purposes of review.

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