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  • 11:45 Review of Captain Long Ears by Diana Thung at GutterGeek: "a beautiful rough polish." fb.me/suLQITf9 #
  • 12:09 Look Inside The Book - A Friendly Game at Amazon.com, see preview pages then preorder. fb.me/BGViXG1a #
  • 13:42 Coming to Comic-Con. Stop by the SLG Booth (#1815) and meet a real wooden boy. Meet the creators of Pinocchio... fb.me/uISbHdqH #

San Diego is Coming....

San Diego is Coming. That's how we speak of it in SLG Central Command. Say it with a sinister, near ominous tone, and you get how we think of the annual Comic-Con International in San Diego. It is a thing to be both awed and feared and for which, once you pass a certain point on the calendar, you just can't go a day without thinking about it.

SLG will be exhibiting at Comic-Con once again, making 24 years in a row for us (well, for me anyway) and we want to invite all of you down to visit our little corner of the pop-culture Mecca.  Booth #1815, right next to DC Comics. We are going to be debuting some new books there including:

The Sisters' Luck
My Monkeys Name is Jennifer Volume Two
A Friendly Game (keep your fingers crossed for this one)
Sixsmiths #1

Books that are going to have been out for a few weeks but you will no doubt not have seen because your local store did not carry them

Warlord of IO by James Turner
Shadoweyes by Ross Campbell
Royal Historian of OZ #1 by Tommy Kovac and Andy Hirsch

Creators appearing in the booth will include

Ross Campbell (Shadoweyes)
J. Marc Schmidt (Egg Story, Eating Steve and Sixsmiths)
Jason Franks (Sixsmiths)
Dustin Higgins (Pinocchio the Vampire Slayer)
Van Jensen (Pinocchio the Vampire Slayer)
Lindsay Hornsby (A Friendly Game)
Jose Pimentia (A Friendly Game)
Lauren Affe (A Friendly Game)
Ken Knudtsen (My Monkeys Name is Jennifer)
Chris Reilly (Strange Eggs)
Aaron Alexovich (Serenity Rose)
Tommy Kovac (Wonderland, Royal Historian of OZ)
Jhonen Vasquez
J.R. Goldberg 
Drew Rausch (Winchester, Haunted Mansion) - Friday and Saturday Only
Greg Weisman (Gargoyles)
Andy Ristaino (Escape from Dullsville) Saturday Only

That's a load of people, and that is down from the year before believe it or not.

So, be sure to include SLG in your Comic-Con plans.