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We can still be friends

Hello faithful Livejournalers, and welcome to the final showing of SLG-news. While we've enjoyed our time here at this unique platform, SLG will be making a move to our official bog at


The blog RSS can be located here, http://slgcomic.com/rss.asp?type=blog , and for up-to-the-minute SLG insights check out the official SLG Publishing twitter account - twitter.com/slgpublishing. We both know this day has been coming. Please, don't take it personally, we still think you're all really great people and there are plenty more communities on the web for you...you just have to find the right one. While we'll always cherish our time together and think back fondly of the time we spent, our magic is over and it's time for us both to move on. Listen, we've both changed. You've tripled your userpics, we've gotten an official blog...it's not the roaring New Millenium anymore.
What's that? You want one more update? I don't know if that's such a good idea...Oh what, the heck. Let's pretend it's 2003 all over again.

Our newest intern, Owen Thaxton, has been on hand to document some of the stupendous shenanigans of SLG. Most importantly a riveting re-cap of Alternative Press Expo (or APE).

Great Ape

and who could forget the now classic interview with multi-talented man around town, Gerry Alanguilan. On top of writing and drawing his self-created graphic novel Elmer, Gerry has released his 1996 comic Wasted online, founded the Phillipines Comics Art Museum, inks Leinil Yu on several Marvel comics, and is the deviant responsible for this,

Elmer Interview

And if you live near or around San Jose, CA, then make your way down to the San Jose Comics Festival! Billed as the **premier** SLG-comics event. This Saturday (November the 13th) from 12pm - 5pm, a furious talent an art and ideas will be hosted by us, the world famous Slave Labor Graphics publishing company.
Housed at 577 S. Market street, San Jose, CA, this festival promises to be an enchanting five hours and boasts a unique opportunity to converse with some of the comics-industry's greatest talent, including, Gene Yang, Chris Wisnia, Mel Smith, Mick Gray, Mark Clegg and more people that can't even tell you about!! For more information visit the official webpage of the San Jose Comics Festival.

Hope to see your smiling face there!

Wow. That was fun. Sort of reminds us why we liked you so much in the first place. No. I'm afraid that's it, we need to go now.
Goodbye, Livejournal. We at SLG Publishing will always treasure this time together and wish you the best with all future entries.
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