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  • 20:53 The love for our OZ comic continues. This time at Comic Book Resources where Bill Reed says "The glimpse we get of... fb.me/Cf3oMO31 #
  • 10:01 If you live near the SLG Gallery in San Jose, we have passes to a screening of INCEPTION tonight. #
  • 10:59 I met Harvey Pekar once. He looked me in the eye and said "Who the fuck are you again?" I loved that guy, rest in peace man. #
  • 11:08 We have posted our signing schedule for Comic-Con at the SLG Website. fb.me/CDXYtOEo #

  • We can still be friends

    Hello faithful Livejournalers, and welcome to the final showing of SLG-news. While we've enjoyed our time here at this unique platform, SLG will be…

  • Tommy Kovac at Beachball Comics Friday the 13th

    Tommy Kovac will be signing copies of ROyal Historian of OZ #1 at Beachball Comics in Anaheim tomorrow night. More details here.

  • (no subject)

    13:41 The great reviews for our OZ comic continue, this time Greg McElhatton writes "You don’t have to be an Oz fan to... fb.me/BLtb6lvb #…

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