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  • 00:08 Jhonen Vasquez has some t-shirt designs at Topatoco. fb.me/C2QSK001 #
  • 13:32 If you would like to see Inception and live in San Jose, we have a small supply of tickets to a screening this Monday. One per person. #
  • 13:33 The SLG Gallery is at 577 S. Market ST San Jose, CA 95113. We close at 4:30 today. #
  • 13:41 Shadoweyes by Ross Campbell is now available in the SLGCOMIC store. Will be in most comic shops in 2-3 weeks. fb.me/wxQXbl2C #
  • 13:42 Warlord of IO by James Turner is now available in the SLGCOMIC store. Look for it in comic stores at the end of... fb.me/sJ3OFbdn #
  • 13:54 Go see the trailer for Warlord of IO here on Youtube, then come to our store and buy the book. fb.me/EgVfdHHB #
  • 15:03 Review of Oz #1 at IFanboy "This was a really promising story, and has me absolutely amped to see where they take... fb.me/CZi4h2MW #
  • 15:46 There is an interview with James Turner (Warlord of IO) at Broken Frontier. It is in their downloadable magazine... fb.me/C7gEJ5em #
  • 16:32 Friday. It' time for happy hour. Bring your happiness to Single Barrel in San Jose. #

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