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  • 10:41 Here is a link to an interview with Gargoyles writer Greg Weisman at graphicnovelreporter.com fb.me/EGqRBvO8 #
  • 18:59 Great review of Royal Historian of OZ#1 "This is, to be honest, one of the wildest and freshest ideas I've seen... fb.me/sFS9u3GO #

  • Review of Wonderland

    I just have to pause in my preparations for Comic-Con (Seriously, why are so many people calling the office right now -- and for silly reasons,…

  • Reviews of Wonderland

    Booklist has reviewed the Wonderland hardcover book, which is a collection of the issues we published. Written by Tommy Kovac and Sonny Liew,…

  • Warlord of Diamond

    Here is a quick post to set a couple of things straight regarding the Warlord of Io mini-series and Diamond Comics decision not to list it in…

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