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PRESS RELEASE: SLG Announces iPhone Distribution

I thought that if I waited to send this out this week instead of last, it might not be eclipsed by the "Disney Buys Marvel" and "DC Restructures" news. Alas, I was wrong. But here it is, and you'll read it, won't you?

SLG Publishing Announces iPhone Distribution
Two Applications Carry Publisher's Comics

SLG Publishing is excited to announce that it is partnering with two iPhone applications, Panefly and comiXology, to digitally distribute many of its comic book titles to iPhone users.

Both applications will have the same titles available, including The Warlord of Io by James Turner, which is currently only available as a digital comic. Other titles already available or slated for iPhone release include Turner's Rex Libris, Midnight Sun by Ben Towle, Zombies Calling and The War at Ellsmere by Faith Erin Hicks, Nightmares and Fairy Tales by Serena Valentino, and the Eisner-nominated Chumble Spuzz by Ethan Nicolle. The prices currently range from $0.99 for individual issues to $4.99 for graphic novels.

More comics will continuously be added to both applications as SLG strives to make a good portion of its recent back catalog, as well as its newer titles, available. In addition, comiXology has planned an independent application for The War at Ellsmere in order for the young adult graphic novel to reach a wider iPhone audience.

"We are proud to have SLG and Ellsmere on our Comics by comiXology," said comiXology CEO David Steinberger. "It's a terrific book that has broad appeal of comics to new audiences. Anyone who likes Harry Potter will enjoy it. It helps that it looks incredible in our patent-pending Guided View. And with a 22-page free preview, you can't go wrong!"

Panelfly CEO Wade Slitkin outlined what he believes are the benefits of digital comics. "With minimal effort publishers can breathe new life into backlists, interact with readers directly, capture new customers, and reward loyal readers with exclusives and additional content," he said, adding, "Panelfly is thrilled to work with SLG and give Faith Erin Hicks fans more face time with zombies, distribute books that had rough patches in the past like the Warlord of Io, and have new people fall in love with Rex, the ass-kicking librarian."

The iPhone distribution deals are part of SLG's ongoing efforts to make their comics and graphic novels available digitally. The company began offering digital versions of their comics in January 2007 at the website Eyemelt, which has since become part of its main site, www.slgcomic.com.

"I think a key to success in publishing at this juncture is to make sure our titles are available in as many channels as possible," said SLG president Dan Vado. "Digital distribution could be as important for us as our distribution through Hot Topic was a few years back. Sales in that channel actually helped us create new readers for us."

Established in 1986, SLG Publishing is a San Jose, CA based publisher of comic books, graphic novels and related merchandise. Some of SLG's more notable comics and creators have included Johnny the Homicidal Maniac by Jhonen Vasquez, Milk and Cheese by Evan Dorkin and Zombies Calling by Faith Erin Hicks.
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