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The Whole World is Watching, or at least I Am.

 I originally posted this on my personal blog at www.danvado.com, but I am re-posting this here because so many people have emailed me to ask about the map on the SLG homepage which shows the geographic location of visitors to our site  in real-time. As I love to share details of the time-wasting technologies I discover (hey, does anyone out there still have a Bubbler account, apparently I do) I thought you would find my observations of who is coming to our site amusing.

And no, this is of course not news, so seriously lay off me okay.

I can see you,
I have some software from a company called web-stat on the SLG site which lets me see visitors in real time, where they came from, where they navigate to on our site and what search term they might have used to get here. It also lets me put a map on our home page which shows where our most recent 100 visitors are geographically.
Some of the people who get to our site get there in some weird ways.
For instance, today someone from Mesa Arizona got to our site by doing a google search using the search term "Warlords of IO Sales figures".
Really man, none of your business.
Lots of people came to us today via Stumbleupon.com. Not sure what they stumbled on but it was somehow related to Warlords of IO.
As I write we are at 625 visitors, oops, make that 626. Someone just popped in from google using the search term . Black, last time I saw and really when are you guys going to get over this man's hair color?
Here is one, Pinnochio Hard. Lets hope that means hardcover, or type of wood.
About 30 people came in to see the preview of Zeke Deadwood, but we sent out an email about that today so maybe that doesn't count.
Someone googled me, who the hell is looking for me?
Here are some with similar themes:
how to publish your graphic novel
Pay rate for graphic novels
graphic novels royalty rates
How much do graphic novel writers make
These people all wound up at our submission sguidelines
On Gameradar.com there is an article on Fighting game/comic book mash-ups they would like to see. I guess they would like to see the entire Slave Labor universe take on Killer Instinct. Somehow I doubt Emo Boy would be much good in a fight.
Lots of Fetish stuff. Fetish Art, Secret identity fetish, fetish superman. We carry a book in our store called Secret Identity: The Fetish Art of Superman's Co-Creator, Joe Shuster, so no surprise there.
Some links from Fanime, a convention we attended earlier this month.
Okay, this one makes me wonder what the world is coming to. Someone from the UK came to our site after googling the term "I eat babies shit". The page they landed on was the Optimists Eat babies shirt by James Turner.
And with that I will end on a high note.
Until next time, I'll be seeing you.

Dan Vado
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