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We know it's important for readers to let their local comic book stores know about independent comics that interest them, but maybe we're not doing enough to make sure everyone knows. We're only a small publisher, you know? So we enlisted the help of the hero of our new comic book series Captain Blood (and Captain Blood writer Matthew Shepherd... OK, this was all his idea, actually) to help convince everyone.

So, please prepare yourself for the tropical adventure "Captain Blood and the Peril of Indie Comics" It's new comic book day in tropical Barbados, and there's nothing to be found at the local Comic Book Shoppe to tempt Miss Arabella Bishop. The gallant Captain Blood decides the time is right for an insurrection! Of comic book readers educated about what they want and how to get it, that is. The opinions of Captain Peter Blood do not necessarily reflect those of SLG Publishing. He makes some good points, though. For a preview of the actual comic book series Captain Blood, click here.

Pages 2-3 follow under the cut after page one, or you can read the whole thing at our website.

Captain Blood #1 by Matthew Shepherd and Michael Shoyket is in stores now, by god!


Jun. 10th, 2009 02:33 pm (UTC)
I think I'd have enjoyed that better had the art been drawn for the text, as it is it reminds me of people trying to mimic "What's New Tiger Lily?".

Aside from that, good job, The message is clear (and fairly even-handed, choosing to show the Big Two as having actual human motivations, instead of 'OMG Teh Companeh is teh 3v1L') and the art is in fact pretty good. I'm especially fond of the dealer's "I feel like a crack dealer" speech, that was priceless. ^_^


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