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PRESS RELEASE: Zeke Deadwood

The Good, the Bad, and the Rotting
Zeke Deadwood from SLG in July

He's tough. He's heroic. He's... really, really stinky. Like gag-inducing, birds-falling-from-the-sky stinky. He's Zeke Deadwood, zombie lawman, and if you're a no-count outlaw looking to rustle up trouble, you'd best be moving on! A villainous band of varmints has taken over a small town, and the townsfolk's only hope is an undead loner. Can Zeke stop the drunken rampage of terror? Will the townsfolk even let themselves be saved by the undead?

Created, drawn and co-written by award artist Thomas Boatwright with Ryan Rubio (creators of Cemetery Blues), Zeke Deadwood, is a classic western tale of Saturday matinee action with a healthy dose of B-movie horror in the form of a 24-page one-shot from SLG Publishing this July.

Boatwright teamed up with Rubio to create a character out of what had been a homework assignment at the Joe Kubert School. "Ryan wrote a couple of pages that really clicked with me and allowed me to finally do something sequential," said Boatwright. "I'm incredibly happy after all this time to have a company like SLG Publishing handling my favorite undead doodle."

Zeke Deadwood is available for pre-order at comic book stores now with the Diamond code MAY090641. A preview is available at the SLG Publishing website, www.slgcomic.com.
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