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The War at Ellsmere School Memories Contest - WINNERS!

Sorry it's taken so long to announce the winners of The War at Ellsmere School Memories contest!! But here they finally are, with Faith Erin Hicks's notes.

Just as a reminder, the contest was to draw a particularly memorable incident from school and three winners would be chosen -- one for story and art, one for the story or concept and one for the art.

Faith writes:

My number one pick is entry #9 (Christina Lin), the story about mold growing in the girl's desk, because it's both cute and educational. I had a similar experience when I was in grade school, and forgot my lunch in my desk for a week. Plus I dig the coloured pencil colouring.

My other two picks are entry #4 (Andrew Foster), because I laughed when I read it, and that's always a winner in my book and entry #2 (Heather Nunnelly), because if that actually happened and she lived to tell the tale, she deserves a free book.

Congratuations to Christina, Andrew and Heather! Christina will get a signed copy of The War at Ellsmere and an original sketch by Faith Erin Hicks, and Andrew and Heather will receive signed copies of The War at Ellsmere.

OK, winners, email me your addresses at slgchief@slgpubs.com! Thanks to everyone who participated. It was tons of fun reading your entries.

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