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Punk Rock and Trailer Parks Review

We're having an amazing time here at SLG headquarters -- we had some lighting installed in the Boutiki, and somehow turning the electricity off made our network lose the will to keep working. So the images on this blog were invisible until we got it back up. I just untangled the world's longest network cable in this effort.

But that's not the news I meant to bring you. What I want to tell you is that you are not truly rock and roll until you read Punk Rock and Trailer Parks by Derf, the new graphic novel that is now in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum's reference library! Meredith Rutlidge, assistant curator, gave us the word this week.

And Punk Rock and Trailer Parks got a nice review in Booklist:

"Derf, whose iconoclastic strip THE CITY, has been appearing in alternative periodicals since the early 1990's, here gives us a mordantly funny, semi-autobiographical peek at his high-school years in an Akron, Ohio suburb. When he isn't looking out for his senile, tractor-driving uncle at his humble trailer-park abode, Otto "The Baron" Pizcok is haunting Akron's concert hall, the Bank (now defunct) where the latest '80's-era punk bands are usually playing. With an aplomb beyond his years, Otto manages to shrug off his nerdy image to become the local tour guide for punk legends such as Joe Strummer and the Ramones. As Otto counts down the days to his senior prom, his big dilemma is deciding whether he is leaving Ohio for college or staying to become Akron's newest punk-rock star. Derf's deftly drawn caricatures of teens and band members are amusing enough on their own, but his madcap scenarios and witty dialogue make this one of the stand-out graphic novels of the year."
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