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New Life in Comics Column

This week's Publishers Weekly Comics Weekly newsletter (Have I told you that you should subscribe yet? You should!) has my new Life in Comics column, all about the submission drought we've been having lately. These days, I totally prowl around conventions, eying people's mini comics and tricking them into sending me proposals, using tricky methods like e-mailing them and saying, "I like your work! If you have a project you'd like to submit to us, I'd love to see it." I'm tricky, tricky, tricky.

In other news, Randal "Randal Savage" "The Amazing Rand-O" Jarrell at Oni tells me the New York Comic-Con would like us to take our show on the road and reprise our "How Not to Break into Comics" panel. SLG is not going to NYCC, but I'm thinking of going as a freelancing civilian. It costs lots of money, though. I leave it to your vote:

Poll #1294968 Jennifer and New York Comic-Con

Should Jennifer attend New York Comic-Con in February?

Yes. She will probably freeze to near-death, and that will be a LIfe Experience.
Yes, because I will attend her and Randal's panel.
No, she should save her money for books and video games.
Who the heck is Jennifer?
I think anyone who chooses the above answer is mean, and, yes, I think she should go to NYCC.


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