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The War at Ellsmere School Memories Contest

Faith Erin Hicks and I have been conspiring, and we've concocted a contest to coincide with the release of her new graphic novel The War at Ellsmere. Don't worry, the contest does not involve horrible alliteration. That was an accident. Sort of.

Here's what the contest does involve: School memories. The War at Ellsmere is about Juniper, a public school kid plopped in a world of boarding school privilege after she gets a scholarship to the prestigious Ellsmere Academy. She's soon immersed in a world of high-stakes academic work and intense competitiveness. Not many of us get to go to fancy schools like Ellsmere, but we do have memories -- wonderful, painful, embarrassing -- of school. And we want your memories!

Illustrate a moment from school that you find particularly memorable, and email it to me at slgchief@slgpubs.com. Please include your name. Faith will choose three winners of The War at Ellsmere School Memories Contest --

1. An all-around winner, based on artwork and originality
2. An originality award, based on the concept of the illustration
3. An artwork award, based on those fancy drawing skills.

The all-around winner will get an original sketch by Faith and a signed, personalized copy of The War at Ellsmere. The other two winners will get a signed, personalized copy of The War at Ellsmere.

The contest will be open to entries until December 8, 2008, and we will post all entries on a page on the SLG website and a gallery on SLG's Facebook page with credit given to you as the artist.

Here comes the small print:
You remain the sole owner of your artwork and by entering the contest you are giving SLG permission to use it only on the SLG website and Facebook gallery for the duration of the contest. You may request that your entry be removed after the contest has closed. We promise we won't do anything shady like use your artwork without your permission in printed promotions or anywhere else besides the contest page, Facebook page, and on our blog when we announce the winners . People whose comics have been published by SLG, you are free to participate, but you can't be winners. Oh, don't be sad. I meant you can't be winners of the contest. You're all winners in our eyes.

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