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Comic-Con 2008 -- Twitter and Panels!

Comic-Con International is official sold out! So, sorry to say, if you haven't registered yet, it is too late for you. But! You might be able to experience a portion of the convention vicariously if our plans for SLG's new Twitter account come to fruition during the week we spend in San Diego. Moments to oneself are very few at Comic-Con, so Twitter's 140-character format will suit our updating needs just fine. We'll try to update from the con floor, so be prepared for such scintillating descriptions as "A stampede of fanboys ended in a pulpy mess as they climbed over the fallen to get a free Batman Lego™ figure at the DC booth."

For those who are attending Comic-Con, here are some SLG-related panels to check out:

Thursday, July 24, 12:00-1:00 How Not to Break into Comics— There have been countless articles and panels on how to break into comics, but very few on how not to. Randal C. Jarrell (managing editor at Oni Press), Jennifer de Guzman (editor-in-chief of SLG Publishing), and other industry insiders discuss the common and often-hilarious mistakes people make when trying to pitch or get work in the comics industry. This unique inside perspective will help any prospective creator learn how to navigate the potential pitfalls that doom far too many in their attempts to break into comics. If you want to work in comics, you do not want to miss this panel! Room 10

Friday, July 25 10:00-11:00 Retail Relevance!— Comic book shops have always been the goldmine of popular culture—even more so as stores exist today. So how do you keep your store the center of excitement, the place to be and be seen? Join the discussion with publisher Dan Vado (Slave Labor Graphics) and retail comic divas Nancy McCann (Comics Unlimited, Westminster, CA) and Mimi Cruz (Night Flight Comics, Salt Lake City, UT) for the inside track of what to look for, how to look for it, and why you should stock it! Room 22

Friday, July 25, 3:30-4:30 Comic Book Heaven: LIVE!— If you've ever wondered which superhero sleeps in his uniform, where the rudest place to shoot a giant space monster can be found, and what you really got when you ordered junk from ads found in old comic books, you'll love Comic Book Heaven: LIVE! Scott Saavedra (Comic Book Heaven, Java Town) shines a bright and affectionate light on some of the strangest stories and most twisted moments found in vintage comic books. Comic Book Heaven: LIVE! is like Scott's Comic Book Heaven blog but without all the tedious pointing and clicking. Room 30AB

Saturday, July 26, 1:30-2:30 SLG Publishing— SLG publisher and president Dan Vado discusses current and upcoming projects from SLG/Amaze Ink. Gargoyles writer Greg Weisman will be on hand to discuss his two new upcoming non-Gargoyles projects. Other creators attending are to be announced. Room 10

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