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A Message from the Supreme Commander: Get Off Your Asses

Okay, short and sweet. Grand Rapids, MI comic retailer David Pirkola was shot and then robbed in his store, Apparitions Comics, last week. Pirkola is in stable condition but remains severely injured and in critical condition. Making a bad situation even worse is the fact that Pirkola has no health insurance. This is a tightrope that many people in our industry walk and while we can all intellectualize the inherent risks of living in the modern world without insurance which are necessitated by the fact that there isn't a lot of money in comics on any level, being shot by some random thug isn't one of those things you might consider.

If you have not already guessed this blog posting is a call for everyone to help out this man in what is clearly a time of need. There is a link to a Paypal donation at IFanboy.com as well as an update on his condition and the donations. As of this writing they have raised over $2,000 for Pirkola. Don't let THAT nugget of information lull you into any sort of sense of complacency because two grand buys you half an enema in this country's medical system.

If you live in or near Grand Rapids you can also try going into Apparitions and buying something pricey and extravagant.

Apparitions Comics and Books
2757 Ridgemoor Dr SE
Grand Rapids,Michigan
Phone: 616-940-2025

Twenty years ago I contracted bacterial meningitis which hospitalized me for two weeks and kept me home for another month. I was fortunate because I had health insurance through my wife's work (well, I was fortunate that I didn't die, but that goes without saying). I was still retailing back then and just starting as a publisher, without the insurance covering the bills I would no doubt have had to sell or close my store and give up on something as money-draining as comics publishing. Even WITH the insurance I had to come up with a lot of dough to cover my end and the time spent away from my business was tough to overcome.

So give something, even something small, because some day it could be you.

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