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Midnight Sun

We're offering the Midnight Sun trade for pre-order at www.slgcomic.com. The book will be published in December. As an enticement, we're offering a free PDF of the first issue of Ben Towle's historical drama. Midnight Sun tells the story of the Italia, an airship that crashed on expedition to the North Pole in 1928, and the down-on-his-luck reporter assigned to cover the story. Find out all about it here, where you can also watch this trailer. (Yeah, I'm showing it to you now, but you can watch it again.)

If you pre-order, you get a 10% discount and because you're paying attention, I'll let you in on a secret: If you use the coupon code msun, you'll get an extra 30% off. You can learn about special offers like this by subscribing to the SLG newsletter. Sign up at www.slgcomic.com.
Tags: ben towle, midnight sun
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