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New Comics in Stores?

I don't know. I just don't know. Our comics distributor, Diamond, is confusing me lately. Purchase orders from them are coming in late and our books aren't appearing on their ship lists. So I'm not sure when books are going to be in stores. They're not getting there based on when the printed books ship from the printer, that's for sure.

So here are some books that were supposed to be in stores this month but possibly are not yet and that you can buy at www.slgcomic.com.

Whistles Volume One: The Starlight Calliope by Andrew Hussie
Whistles, a clown in the Starlight Calliope circus, was beloved by all. One day an accident nearly cost him his life, and he became exposed to the corrupt underworld of the circus, rife with murder and cannibalism. Forced to flee, he experiences the hardships of the world such as homesickness and prostitution. But his spirit remains bright and optimistic. The six chapter series documents his journeys, and his long quest to return to the circus and his master.

"It's Pinocchio meets Candide meets Kubrick doing funny... Twisted but clever.... the action reaches out an squirts you in the eye" - Mark Moyes, Rue-Morgue magazine

The Weirdly World of Strange Eggs by Chris Reilly, Steve Ahlquist and Jeremy Mann
Warped and odd, the original formulation of Strange Eggs is an all ages kids tale straight from the minds of Chris Reilly (The Trouble with Igor, The Tragical Comedy of Mr. Punch) and Steve Ahlquist (Haunted Mansion) and featuring art by Jeremy Mann. Join Kip and Kelly Hatcher, a brother and sister who receive strange and and dangerous eggs that hatch into a variety of monsters that need...love and a good home. Along the way the siblings must battle a mutated vampire bat, a monster tree, a brainwashed veterinarian, and a party hat with teeth. Throughout their journey we'll try to answer these questions: Can egg deliveryman Roger Rogers be trusted? Can Kip Hatcher become the hero he dreams he could be? Can Kelly Hatcher finally overcome her complete lack of imagination?

Nightmares and Fairy Tales #20 by Serena Valentino and Camilla d'Errico
This issue continues the Sleeping Beauty story from the previous issue. Camilla d'Errico continues to bring her vibrant visual styling to the series.

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