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Jellyfist Update

A few people have asked, so here is a quick update on what's going on with Jellyfist by Jhonen Vasquez and Jenny Goldberg.

As you've probably heard, we had copies available at the San Diego Comic-Con. We got the book into the printer at the very last moment and breathed a sigh of relief when the printer said they'd be able to deliver in time for the convention. The printing process was rather complicated, with paper tinting in addition to full color. However, once we saw the books, we knew something had gone wrong. They were printed out of register, meaning that the individual colors that blend to create colors -- cyan, magenta, yellow and black -- were not in alignment. The problem varied in degree, from not too noticeable to "Is this book 3D or something?" The paper-tinting also produced varying colors.

We sold those copies of Jellyfist we had at the convention at a severely discounted price, but the rest will not be sold. We're in the process of reprinting now, with the kind of deliberation that this project should have had in the first place. We're experimenting with paper and making sure all is well with the colors. We hope to go to press with the book late this week or next week and have copies in stores by September.

We're sorry for the delay and thank you for your patience!

In the meantime, a review of Jellyfist by Graig Kent at Rack Raids. The verdict? The stories themselves are "alternately curious, disturbing, funny, ugly, warped, and, occasionally, detestable" and the commentary is what makes it worthwhile.

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