[INACTIVE] SLG Publishing (slg_news) wrote,
[INACTIVE] SLG Publishing

Free Annabelle Doll!

We've gone craaaaaaaazy here at SLG, what with convention preparations and the smell of spray adhesive, and we've decided to pass the savings on to you! (That makes no sense, yes. It is part of the craziness.)

For a limited time only, we are offering the Annabelle doll from NIghtmares and Fairy Tales absolutely free! Well, except for shipping and handling charges. But otherwise, absolutely free! Annabelle usually sells for $28.95, so this is an unprecedented offer!

Just how limited is this limited time offer? That depends how long the craziness lasts. You don't want to miss out -- we could be back on our meds any time now -- so get yourself over to www.slgcomic.com and get yourself your very own Annabelle doll.
Tags: crazy, monkey fun toys, nightmares and fairy tales
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