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Reviews of Rex Libris #8

If you look at the tags on this journal, you'll notice that "Rex Libris" and "James Turner" outsize other titles and creator names. This is not because I am a bad playing-favorites editor. It's because Rex Libris, among its other amazing attributes, is the only SLG comic that reviewers have continued to notice past issue three or four. It is also one of only two remaining creator-owned comics that SLG still publishes in pamphlet format. (The other is Nightmares and Fairy Tales. And Lenore is published as a once-yearly pamphlet.)

Why is that? My guess is that it is because Rex Libris is a comic with that legendary "crossover appeal" that so many indie publishers have looked for in their efforts to keep themselves afloat with sales from the direct market (that's comic book stores). Readers of superhero comics, thrilled librarians, and indie readers alike have embraced Rex Libris and reviewers have continued to support the title by urging those who have not yet read it to check it. We're very grateful.

But it still goes to show you that despite all of this support, Rex Libris #7 was not even on the Top 300 Comics list for February.

That said, here are some new reviews of Rex Libris #8 by James Turner, which was new in stores this week.

Graig Kent at Rack Raids gives it 4.5 out of 5 vikings. "It’s truly a beer and pretzel issue for 32 straight pages, rife with sarcastic and pop-cult referential humor, there’s really nothing not to enjoy," he writes, doubting that a movie could do the comic justice. (Rex Libris was recently optioned by Warner Brothers.)

Meanwhile, at his blog Matt Brady offers some scans of the most head-kicking panels in the issue, commenting, "it is quite awesome."

Matt links to Chris's Invincible Super-Blog, where Chris Sims declares, this issue hit its stride perfectly."

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