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Emo Boy #11 in Stores today!

Emo Boy
#11 has undergone its own share of hardships. Accidentally bumped from its original release date of February 2007 to April 2007 because of a solicitation mix-up, the emotionally embattled comic barely made it to this day without suffering a crippling breakdown that would have dissolved the very paper it was printed on, leaving readers with nothing but an inky, sodden pile of pulp.

But fortunately, we put Emo Boy #11 up on Eyemelt.com as a digital comic, and that sustained its power to survive for just a few weeks longer, long enough to make it into the hands of readers. And aren't you lucky! Because Emo Boy #11 tells eleven stories of heartache and heartbreak and woe and sorrow! And even a bit of yo' mama snaps. Get it stores today, and at www.slgcomic.com soon!

Remember, Emo Boy #11 is Emo Boy's last print issue. Subsequent issues will be release exclusively on Eyemelt.com and then in a print graphic novel. Keep your eyes on this blog to find out when new issues of Emo Boy are available for download!

Emo Boy #11 by Steve Emond
32-page comic book (all right, four pages are ads, but 28 pages of story is more than you usually get!)

Welcome to Emo Boy's 11th issue extravaganza! 11 stories in 24 pages, including: Emo Boy joins "Cheezer" lead singer Bark on a meditation retreat, a nasty brawl in which Emo Boy unleashes the power of the cosmos, "Your Mama So Emo," "The Demo Tape," "Bi Polar Bear" and more!
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