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Paper Doll Revolutionary!

You know how I've been mentioning that July is Andi Watson Jamboree month at SLG? Well, we have had to change the month of the festivities so that they don't get lost in all the other new books we have scheduled for July: Andi Watson Jubilee month is now August!

And here's a bit of a teaser for the Paris trade paperback, to be released in August, along with the new edition of Slow News Day. I told Simon Gane, the artist for Paris, that I was in envy of the outfits he draws Paulette, a post-war revolutionary, wearing, and so he created what the situation obviously demanded: a Paulette paperdoll. Click to see a larger version! I have an Illustrator file in which I can move around Paulette's outfits, so perhaps I will be posting those creations as I continue to remind you of the release of Paris.

Tags: andi watson, paris, simon gane

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