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The Place Where We Can Feel Like Kings

Big thanks to readers and retailers who made SLG Cold Cut's top publisher in 2006! Cold Cut is one of the dwindling number of independent distributors left in the comic book industry, which is dominated by megalithic Diamond Comic Distributors. Matt High from Cold Cut posted the distributor's 300 top-selling books and merchandise for 2006, and SLG products occupy 60 slots. That's 20%!  Yes, just the exact inverse of Marvel and DC's 80% domination of Diamond's top 300, but to my mind it's far more healthy for the top selling company to have 20% of the market than somewhere between 35% and 50% [Struck out because I wasn't taking into account unit sales, which would place SLG's share of Cold Cut's sales at considerably higher than 20%, I think. Tip: Don't expect someone with a degree in English to do accurate sales analysis.]

There's a good deal of diversity on that list, and if you've been looking for new comics and graphic novels to check out, you probably could do worse than checking out some of the titles on there. I see some that I enjoyed last year, like Pyonyang by Guy Delisle, as well as some that I've been wanting to read, like The Rabbi's Cat by Joann Sfar.

As you would expect, many of the slots are occupied by works by Jhonen Vasquez, Roman Dirge, Serena Valentino and Jamie Smart, but I was pleasantly surprised to see Egg Story, a little book about eggs finding their way in the world that we published in 2004, at 270. Also making a showing is Emo Boy #1.

Oh, if only this were the world and not a small island kingdom with an economy based on cowrie shells.


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Jan. 12th, 2007 07:44 pm (UTC)

egg story is so cute, everyone should have a copy. nice to see its still going well.

quality over quantity any day
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