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Whistles #2 Available Now!

Issue two of SLG's first digital comic book, Whistles by Andrew Hussie, is available for download in PDF and CBZ formats now!

NOW, I say! If you do not get SLG's digital comics you are being left far behind. We who ride the technology dirigible will float away and wave at you who are still standing on boring old solid ground with a bunch of old people who still use checks to pay for groceries.

In this issue, you get to know Gumblin, the ambiguously sexual clown who became the star of Starlight Calliope circus after Whistles was so unjustly and unceremoniously given the boot. There is nothing more inspiring than seeing Gumblin ride through the sky on his flying tricycle. Believe me.

Here's the official description. Notice that it doesn't mention sweet, sweet clown ass. We're dignified people here.

Having escaped the circus with his beaten master, Whistles wanders through the desert, hungry and wounded. Gumblin has set out to bring them to justice, leaving Doodlebean in charge. Whistles learns more about his unique powers as a clown. While Doodlebean tries to organize the show, she encounters another disturbing twist in the Starlight Calliope.

Purchase it now at store.slavelabor.com. Select "downloadable comics" from the drop-down menu.
Tags: andrew hussie, digital comics, whistles

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