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ACHTUNG! SLG Comic-Con Booth a Veritable Carnival of Attractions!

SLG Booth a Hub of Activity at Comic-Con
Roman Dirge's Taxidermy a Main Attraction

As usual, the SLG Publishing's Comic-Con booth will be abuzz with activity. This year, the booth features more than twenty artists signing, plenty of comics, T-shirts and toys for purchase, and a seven-foot tall antlered gentleman called The Taxidermy.

The Taxidermy is a character from Roman Dirge's popular comic book series Lenore. Dirge and Dirge-dubbed "über-artist" Näthän Cäbrërä constructed the no-doubt terribly disturbing seven-foot model. It will be on display throughout the convention--as will Dirge--for Lenore fans and curious passersby to gawk at or pose with for pictures. The Taxidermy, however, will not be signing autographs.

Among those who are signing at the SLG booth are the creative teams behind SLG's new Disney licensed comics. Landry Walker and Eric Jones, the writers of Tron: The Ghost in the Machine, as well as creators of the popular Little Gloomy series, will sign books and chat with fans. Sonny Liew, creator of Malinky Robot, is making the trip from Singapore to sign copies of Wonderland #1 with writer Tommy Kovac, creator of Stitch and Autumn. Also appearing will be Greg Weisman, whose writing on Gargoyles, the comic based on the animated series he created, marked his debut in the comics world, and David Hedgecock, who pencils Gargoyles. A full list of the SLG creators signing at the booth can be found at www.slgpublishing.com/appearances.

Comic books debuting at the convention include Screwtooth #1, the first issue of a new series by Outlook: Grim creator Black Olive, and the anthologies Strange Eggs Presents: The Boxing Bucket and Haunted Mansion #4.

Aspiring artists can also get feedback on their work at the SLG booth. SLG Publishing's president and publisher, Dan Vado, and editor-in-chief, Jennifer de Guzman, will be reviewing artists' portfolios, continuing the company's policy of being open to considering the work of new talent. Vado and de Guzman will be making appointments for portfolio reviews during the convention and, if time permits, reviewing on a walk-up basis. While SLG will not be considering pitches at the convention, they are keeping their eye out for artists to contribute to a line of comics the publisher is looking to develop for 2008.

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