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SLG is, as always, attending Comic-Con International in San Diego, taking place in the San Diego Convention Center from July 19 until July 23. We would love if you came by our booth to take a look at comics, T-shirts, toys and SLG creators.

Do not believe the impresison you get from Comic-Con's official "Professionals" list. These SLG creators will indeed be at Comic-Con, failing some sort of last-minute change of plans. If you don't see the name of your favorite creator on Comic-Con's website but you do see it here, BELIEVE US. We are SLG. We would not mislead you.

Aaron A. (Serenity Rose)
Steve Ahlquist (Strange Eggs)
Garry Black (Jet Pack Pets)
Roy Boney Jr. (Dead Eyes Open)
Christopher (The Ghouly Boys)
Andrew Dabb (Vaistron)
Roman Dirge (Lenore)
Jen Feinberg (Little Scrowlie, Chi)
John Gebbia (GloomCookie)
Gilgrim (The Cemeterians)
David Hedgecock (Gargoyles)
Derek Hunter (Pirate Club)
Eric Jones (The Super-Scary Monster Show, Tron)
Tommy Kovac (Autumn, Stitch, Skelebunnies)
Sonny Liew (Malinky Robot, Wonderland)
Christy Lijewski (Next Exit)
Todd Meister (Little Scrowlie)
Matt Mocarski (Corporate Ninja)
Black Olive (Outlook: Grim)
Chris Reilly (Punch and Judy, The Trouble with Igor)
Scott Saavedra (Dr. Radium)
Crab Scrambly (Nightmares and Fairy Tales)
Ian & Tyson Smith (Emily and the Intergalactic Lemonade Stand)
Landry Walker (The Super-Scary Monster Show, Tron)
Greg Weisman (Gargoyles)

More Comic-Con news to come soon. Meanwhile, if you have any questions about Comic-Con, please ask them now! Even if you think they're stupid. I'm switching off the parts of my brain that are mean, sarcastic, testy and smart-assy, so feel free to ask anything you want! You cannot shake my Zen-like composure.

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