[INACTIVE] SLG Publishing (slg_news) wrote,

Weird Fishes

OK, everyone, I have a favor to ask of you. Go read Weird Fishes by Jamaica Dyer and totally fall in love with it. It's not hard, trust me!

The reason I want you to do this is because not only is Weird Fishes a fun, sweet, and magical comic, it's also one we'll be publishing in graphic novel format in October! Alas, budget limitations will not allow us to print in color, but luckily Jamaica's art looks beautiful with the watercolor washes in grayscale, too.

This is pretty special to me because I've known Jamaica since she was... oh, I dunno, sixteen or seventeen, and seeing her development as an artist and storytellier has been exciting. Weird Fishes represents, to me, a kind of magical realist story that the medium is wonderfully suited to.

Tags: jamaica dyer, weird fishes
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