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Preview Review of Peter the Pirate Squid

Among the books recently sent to the printer in the expectation of having them for Comic-Con International in San Diego was Peter the Pirate Squid by Roman Dirge and Steven Daily. (Other books in this sanity-challenging assault on the printing professionals at Imprimerie Lebonfon were Gargoyles #5, Tron #4, Jellyfist, Lenore #13, Nightmares and Fairy Tales #20 and The Weirdly World of Strange Eggs. Whistles Volume One: The Starlight Calliope went to a printer in China some weeks ago.) Most folks will have to wait until the convention or pick up their very own copy at stores on August 1st, but a lucky reviewer at Fractal Matter got a preview copy.

Sabrina Peyton calls Roman Dirge's story "a children’s story but witty enough for any adult as well" and declares that Steven Daily's illustrations "are gorgeous and bring the story that much more to life." Read the full review here.

Among those looking forward to Peter the Pirate Squid is Michael May, who notes in the Blog@Newsarama that he has "always wanted a Dirge pirate book" since buying Dirge-designed pirate coasters put out by Dark Horse and knows that Daily's artwork "captures the same whimsical spirit of spooky adventure that my coasters have."

They are pretty cool coasters. I saw them at Seawolf, the pirate store near my house
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