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The Very Latest in Downloadable Comics

cover of Ursa Minors #1
Another batch of new downloadable comics are up at the SLG Webstore! The new offerings are Skeleton Key volumes two and three by Andi Watson and Ursa Minors #1 by Neil Kleid, Paul Cote and Fernando Pinto. You know how it goes: Go the webstore and choose "downloadable comics" from the drop-down menu.

The digital comics thing is going mighty well for us, and we're getting ever-closer to making that downloadable comic announcement that I've been hinting at like a lame marketing whore. I'm excited about this new project, and it's all shaping up very quickly, if you can believe that.

And in case things are too cheery here at SLG News Headquarters... I wrote some time ago about how there are some people in the online comics world who simply cannot say something nice without saying something unpleasant at the same time (sort of like what I'm doing here, but not really). The latest instance of this I've come across that relates to SLG is in regards to the downloadable comics. In a comment at Blog@Newsarama, Chris Hunter writes, "If I had the slightest interest in any on [sic] their titles, I’d be Paypaling my account to emptiness right now… Go SLG!!"

Uh, gee thanks, Chris.

But everyone else I've seen commenting on this (except for the old fogeys who talk about stuff like "eye strain") has been incredibly supportive, and we're quite pleased that downloadable comics have proven to be a great new way for people to read SLG comics!
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